Hossein Azem Naei

C # training course for beginners

In this training course, an attempt has been made to teach the C language to students from level zero to intermediate level. By passing this course, you will be ready to start learning different forms, and you can learn the relevant framework (for example, for the web: asp) according to your goal. In this course, the console environment has been used for training. If you have not already programmed, this course is a good course for you to enter the world of programming. In this course, we will get acquainted with the following topics:

C # syntax, commenting method, datatypes and their conversions, classes, methods, properties, operators, inheritance, arrays, loops, etc.

The result of the course

By passing this course, the student will learn C # language in a moderate and usual level and will be ready to start learning various frameworks such as ASP, etc.


Familiarity with computer

Course Instructor:


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