Hossein Azem Naei

Trick to reduce the size of Flutter apps

کاهش حجم اپ فلاتر

Hey guys. The output you get from your flutter app is compatible with three types of mobile processors, and this is the reason for its high volume. Well now the way here is for us to get a separate output for each processor. In this way, the size of the app is reduced to one third. Different markets such as Google Play allow you to upload a separate version for each processor.

Well, for this, it is enough to execute the following command in the terminal in your project path:

flutter build apk --split-per-abi

The above command give you three apk files. Between these three files, which has armeabi-v7a in its name, it is compatible on most phones. And you can publish it directly and outside the markets.

You can access the output files in this folder:


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